Welcome Friends
to Blue Duck Pudelpointers

My name is Ron Pinckard and I am a proud member of the North American Pudelpointer Alliance, The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, and a charter member of Texas NAVHDA.

I've been hunting behind dogs for over fifty years. I've hunted Mountain Lion, Bear, Bobcat, and Racoon behind my hounds, and have explored most upland birds and waterfowl with various breeds of dogs. When I moved back to Texas a few years ago, I abandoned my hound endeavors and discovered the Pudelpointer breed.  

I've hunted behind many breeds of dogs, and I have discovered what I believe to be the ultimate hunting companion in the Pudelpointer. The Pudelpointer is a predator, gritty on fur, while delivering birds to hand barely ruffling a feather.  My dog Ellie received her Utility Prize I Title at the Texas NAVHDA Spring Test 2013, qualifying her for the National Invitational. 

She is a solid hunt test dog, but more importantly she is a serious versatile hunter. Ellie will find wounded deer, retrieve ducks, search hard for any wounded game, and deliver any game she can carry to hand. 

I will update this site with news and planned breedings.



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